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Chicago, IL.  |   Artist Bio

Arla Vox is emerging in the explosive yet unique space where mainstream pop has embraced Latin influence and Urban sounds like never before. Her smooth yet energetic vocals are precisely what gives this new era of Latin music it's redefined edge and desirability.

Her 2020 single, Receta de Amor, is an eclectic blend where Latin pop meets tropical Urban elements. A follow up to that is her second studio single, Por Ahi Voy, released on September 12th 2021.

She has further legitimized herself when she became a Top 24 finalist on an internationally televised singing competition, Reina de la Cancion, a production of Univision Network that aired in October of 2019. Led by some of the most predominant names in the Latin music industry such as Daddy Yankee, Sergio George, Pedro Capo, Natti Natasha and Olga Tañon.

Arla Vox was born in Mexico City. At three years old her family emigrated to the United States. Although her grandfather is a US Citizen, her story is reminiscent to that of many other young immigrants living in the US.

Whenever she refers to herself as a dreamer, she doesn't just mean she has big dreams, she actually is in fact a DREAMer - the term that often refers to immigrant youths that have been granted protection under the DACA program.

It would be dishonest to say that her status in this country hasn't created any hardships in her life, because it has. There are many opportunities she's had to miss out on. Trips she's never been able to take. Places she's never been able to see. Family she's never been able to meet.

Although these things cause her great sadness and frustration, she chooses to focus on the incredible life she's lived up to this point. Instead of focusing on what never was, she chooses to focus on what IS. And she knows the time will come where her situation will finally change and she'll be that much more prepared to embrace it and humbled by new opportunities. She encourages her fellow DREAMer's to never lose hope and to keep working hard to live the life we want. Our day will come.

A fun fact is that in addition to being a talented artist, Arla Vox is also a successful real estate agent.

She believes in being everything you want to be in this life, because you only have one to live.

She encourages people to dare to dream, to live tenaciously, to love ferociously, and to be as kind as you can be. She truly believes that through passion, courage of conviction and a strong sense of self, one can accomplish anything.



Photography by Abraham Jimenez   |   IG: @abes_photographs


"Arla Vox became one of the Top 24 contestants in Univision's first season of the internationally televised singing competition "Reina de la Cancion." Battling fellow Mexican artist Virginia Stille interpreting

"Ya Lo Se" a well known song by the late Jenni Rivera."



Por Ahi Voy flirts with the concept of love and desire. It combines unique elements such as electric guitar and ukulele along with tropical Caribbean beats, making it reminiscent of those high energy summer bops that take us to the place where music gets louder, nights get longer, and life gets better.


Receta de Amor is a story of heartbreak. It describes how it can sometimes become so overwhelming that it almost feels like a sickness for which the only cure is love.


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Arla Vox is an independent, self-managed artist.

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